Week Twenty-Two: Coming To A Close



That’s it folks!  Twenty-two weeks.  Where did it go?  Many thanks to our farmers Rick and Salena Garber for all the sweat and hard labor they put in over the past year providing the amazing assortment of food over this CSA season.  I know that I tried some new foods and learned a lot along the way and I hope you did too.  Somehow we had lettuces and greens all season long!  There were a lot of familiar faces like, carrots, cucumbers, radishes and zucchini.  Fresh new faces like tatsoi, kohlrabi and fennel.  Those luscious little tomatoes!  Those fresh eggs, I had so many double yolks!  Mostly, those smiling yet tired faces as we made our way each week to gather up our bounty.

Best wishes to the Garber family as we hope they enjoy a season of rest this winter. They have definitely earned it.

It’s been a great pleasure for me to sit and write these weekly posts.  I hope that you found a recipe or two that worked for you, or that you printed or bookmarked for later. While there will not be any new posts, these postings will be here for you to refer back to.  In addition, almost all the recipes I have included this CSA year can be found bookmarked on my Pinterest page, CSA Blog Recipes, feel free to bookmark that page as there are 187 recipes posted there for you to utilize.

I will also pass along a book that became invaluable to me while I was working on this project.  The Practical Produce Book: How to Plant, Pick, Prepare and Preserve Produce is a humble gem of a book if you want to continue to eat farm fresh produce or grow it yourself.  It gives you not only, recipes, but growing, harvesting and putting up instructions for all our CSA favorites.

Hope you are enjoying this last week of goodies!  Happy Autumn and have a safe and cozy Winter.




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